Jerad Jarrett Database Engineer Resume

1 April, 2019
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Senior Database and Analytics Engineer

Senior Database Engineer with experience in designing and building database environments that efficiently support core banking applications for one of the largest financial groups in the Caribbean.

• Install, Configure, Upgrade and downgrade database versions (SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
• Work with development teams from various aspects of the bank to design and deliver new database
environments for new projects (Oracle, SQL Server PostgreSQL, MySql).
• A member of the engineering team that upgraded the bank’s core financial application (Finacle core banking solution), this includes implementing a roll-back plan and handing over the upgraded system to the production team.
• Liaise with vendors to ensure support is readily available in the event of poor performing or application failure.
• Build and maintain development and pre-production environments for rigorous application testing before deploying them to production.
• Work with the I.T security team to ensure that the bank’s Databases conform to I.T security standards which
include Payment Card Industry (P.C.I.) compliance and the standards of various audit firms.
• Research on and build partnerships with new vendors that offer solutions that are key to the bank’s operation.
• Prepare documentation regarding database design, configuration and change management tasks.

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Senior Database Administrator

Senior Database Administrator with the responsibility of maintaining and securing database systems across the National Commercial Bank of Jamaica Financial Group.

• Monitor database systems to detect performance issues and outages. monitoring tools include but isn’t limited to Oracle Enterprise Manager, Solarwinds and Redgate Monitoring tool.
• Manage both internal and external clients access to database systems, granting the appropriate permissions.
• Manage production outages, documenting root causes and solutions and putting measures into place to ensure they don’t occur again. 
• Senior Database Administrator with responsibility for Enterprise Information Management data warehouse.
• Tune production databases for optimal performance (SQL Server, Oracle)Recommended innovative ideas that will disrupt fraudulent crimes against the bank and enhance the bank’s security.
• Implement and conduct system audits to ensure systems are being used the way they were intended to.

11 June, 2018
18 April, 2017

Database Administrator

Database Administrator with responsibility for maintaining the database system for the largest telecommunication group operating in the Caribbean region. 

• Install and configure Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases on Linux and Windows operating systems
• Administer both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases and maintain availability
• Install Oracle database patches and perform updates
• Backup and restore Oracle databases using RMAN both on Linux command line and Oracle Enterprise Manager
• Configure Oracle Data Guard for disaster recovery and migration
• Document outages, causes, and solutions, so that they can be quickly remedied if they occur again.


Database Administrator

Database Administrator/Developer with the responsibilities of securing, developing and maintaining Jamaica’s electoral process. Designing processes that will make the electoral process more secure and efficient.

• Prepare and maintain Database for Local and General Elections.
• Ensure all database servers are backed up in a way that meets the business’s Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).
• Administer and troubleshoot in house applications. 
• Conduct training sessions with team members on new applications
• Document the company’s database environment.
• Suggested and implemented on a small testing scale, an application that will help the Electoral. Commission to re-verify all 1.8+ million electors within a 6-8 month time-frame, while collecting more accurate data.
• Introduced and implemented the use of SQL Server Reporting Services for the creation of dynamic and live reports.
• Generate the National Voters’ List every 6 months by adding individuals to the list who registered the time frame stipulated by the Electoral Commission.
• Design, maintain and tune database for optimum performance for in house applications.
• Worked with application teams in designing and writing Transact SQL stored procedures for new applications.
• Developed and introduced B.I. reporting to the Electoral Commission of Jamaica

10 August, 2015
18 June, 2013
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Full-time teller with the task of building and maintaining engagement with customers, while offering financial services to them that exceeds the bank’s service level agreement (S.L.A.).

• Detect and report fraudulent activities (AML).
• Identify customers needs and address them through dialogue.
• Identify inefficiencies within the bank and offer innovative solutions on how to improve them.
• Perform cash management, customer service, and balance cash drawerRecord and report excess or deficit at the end of each day.
• Introduce and recommend products to customers (loans, credit cards, account suits, investment options etc.).
• Achieving targets that are assigned